Support for the Project

We are a group of people from various arms and sections of the Ryburn Valley community who are all passionate about the Project. There is strong support in the wider community.  Between January and July 2014 we asked residents of the Ryburn Valley to complete a short questionnaire, either on paper copies help at churches and other voluntary groups or an online version.

The results were as follows:

Q1. We are trying to build a cycle friendly route between Sowerby Bridge and Ripponden. Would you support such a scheme? 97.22% of people said yes.
Q2. Would you use such a path? 95.44% of people said yes.
Q3. For those of you with children, would you use such a path? 93.67% said yes.
Q4. If such a safe alternative was available would it encourage you to travel to Sowerby Bridge by means other than by car? 89.62% of respondents said yes.

We also have a Facebook page that had over 500 followers by early 2015.

There is a strong feeling within the community to try and build on the success of the Tour de France weekend back in July 2014, when tens of thousands of people turned out to support, with a legacy project which will put Calderdale on the map.